I have been feeling pretty tough this build up. I chalked it up to the fact I was never in air conditionig unless I went to Woolworths, therefore my pussy factor was diminishing.   

Side note. I don't mean to do so much product placement for Woolworths, and they aren't sponsoring this blog; in fact they are actually sending us broke. And as a further counter measure, I will have you know that I have brought rotten meat (and other expensive, mouldy things like $7.99 raspberries) on average, once a month this year. So don't go mistaking my frequency to reinforce their motto of being "the fresh food people".... Because they ain't.

Allow to digress further on this subject. I had noticed that the milk expiry date was 22 October, the date of my friend's birthday. So one day, mid week, when it curdled as I was trying to wake myself up with a hot cup of tea, it prompted me to remember his birthday. So I made this video and sent it to him, feeling pretty impressed that I had two kids and remembered. Mum goals.

The next day his real BFF texted me to ask if it was birthday, I told her confidently that she was a shit friend, had missed it and should go home. About an hour or two later I noticed the lock screen on my phone said 22 October. So fuck you Woolworths for screwing me over to my friends. If your milk doesn't start going off on the right date I am dumping you for Coles. 

The whole point of this post was actually to talk about the humidity, but it's so exhausting, I have run out of steam to type. Basically it involved me thinking I was tough when it wasn't even hot yet. It is now. The heat. I even caught Matisse asking about it, which confirmed I wasn't going crazy. She has started this thing where she will ask the same question tens of times in a row, even when I give her the exact same answer. This normally smashes any last ounce of energy that has survived the humidity. On this occasion it was great though, as I got to sneakily film her.

We had just gotten into our scorching 50 degree car that was parked in the full sun all morning, the aircon doesn't work until you start driving, and the gas is so low, it barely dropped the temperature 2 degrees by the time we pulled up at our friend's house. When we got out of the car, the heat was so intense, Matisse was even struggling to get the word out...  

Welcome to the build up. This is just the beginning. If anyone is an aircon mechanic and wants to regas my system, I will product place you in this blog (don't take the above as an example) and the enormous subscription list of 25 will reward you in spades....!