Karama is a northern suburb in the Northern Territory of Australia. Google maps describes Karama as a 'working class suburb" - yet the mother of the kid that we caught red handed robbing our house was proud to tell the Policeman that our street was "THE street where all the workers lived." So I don't know how the entire suburb has suddenly been promoted to working class. Karama was the true ghetto of Darwin until a little town called Palmerston left us for dead.  

Matisse is the biggest, little gangster. She was born during September 2013, in Darwin. That makes her a TRUE Territorian.*  20 Months later, Elspeth joined the gang. ** Not only was she born in Darwin, she was born at the Darwin Public Hospital, so she is even more hardcore than her private hospital sister.***

*Neither myself or my husband are TRUE Territorians, despite having lived here for over 20 years, we weren't born here so we are chastised by "REAL" Territorians.
**My work colleagues told me to get a TV. Living in Karama it would be pretty easy to get one for a 'steal.' Oh snap.
*** We left the hospital 4 hours after the birth so technically we didn't really hang out there...

The two girls live in Karama with my husband and I. Our house has a pretty hardcore history. The night we moved in, an actual gangster (not the same robber I mentioned above) broke in whilst we were sleeping, stole my bag, and using those keys, took the car. I was devastated when the Police recovered the vehicle as I would have preferred a payout than to have that freshly beaten up, leaky piece of shit returned to me. But my sadness quickly became hysterical laughter when I turned on the CD player to discover they had been cruising to the tunes of Eminem, and it was cranking. So these days the house has a lion, and a 6ft fence of rusted, tetanus breeding corrugated iron panels to protect us from robbers. This doesn't stop passing by children from yelling out, asking for lollies, drinks, or to swim in our non existent pool. 

There is a whole section of this site called tales from spain that documents our trip through Spain when Matisse was just 8 months old. I planned on turning this into a book for Matisse, and published the draft as we went to recall the details easier, and keep our family assured we were alive.  It is filled with lousy spelling, impassable grammatical and punctuation errors. But if you like a challenge, have a read. 

I am going to start a new section with stories from our day to day life.... If you want to subscribe, there is a section below. You will get an email every week letting you know if there are any new stories... I really want to write at least one story a week, and during university semester, that is pretty likely to happen! #procrastinationmaster

Peace out gangsters.